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    We are the North Carolina Highway Patrol State Auxiliary.  Our beginning goes back to 1976 when three wives in Troop H (Frances Howell, Edna Lemmond and Eileen Blalock) took their mission across the state.  They were specifically addressing the fact that six troopers were killed in the line of duty in 1975 and two in early 1976.  This left wives and children of Highway Patrolmen afraid for their loved one to go to work.

    These three ladies decided that if their families were suffering other families were too.  They took to the roads using their own monies to present their message to all Highway Patrol families - most importantly to the wives.

    Their message struck a chord with spouses across the state and in April 1976 a Constitution and Bylaws for the organization were adopted at the first state-wide convention held in Greensboro with 99 wives in attendance.  Subsequently Articles of Incorporation were filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State.  Click on the link below to view our Constitution and Bylaws.